The cause of autism lies in your gut?

Over the last few decades, autism has been under the spotlight. The number of children diagnosed with some of the illnesses from the autistic spectrum is rapidly increasing, and the situation is becoming alarming. Dozens of huge teams of scientists all over the world are gathering efforts, data, and all available knowledge in an attempt to determine the cause and mechanism of this illness.


Quite popular and frightening is the whole antivaccination story with many laymen accusing immunization of causing autism. Many countries have noted a serious decrease in the percent of vaccinated children while the number of autistic kids is still growing.

Meanwhile, exciting and intriguing research has been published recently revealing a result that could completely turn scientific attention to the other direction when exploring causes of autism. So far, the most of the experiments were focused on genetics, immune disorders, and various environmental influences. The newly conducted research revealed a potential association between autism and – gut bacteria.


Working with lab mice while exploring potential causes of autism, a group of scientists from Baylor College of Medicine found the connection between gut bacteria and brain functions.

162342-425x283-child-and-adult-working-togetherThe initial idea was to explore the link between obesity, as dangerously growing global problem, and the autism. The scientists fed female mice with various junk food rich in fat and noticed a significant increase in expression of autistic symptoms in their offspring. In the next phase, these autistic mice were placed in the same cage with another group of healthy mice and exposed to the same conditions and routine. The autistic symptoms of these mice are not the same as those among human children, but the social, behavioral deficit is obvious.

Soon, the autistic group of mice ate some poop of healthy mice (which is usual phenomena among mice, however, disgusting it may sound) and the researchers noticed something completely unexpected. Their autistic symptoms started to regress, and their social behavior improved. The scientists assumed that health improvement happened due to the influence of some bacteria present in the stool of healthy mice, so they analyzed the microorganisms in the stool thoroughly.

favorite_book_autism-lgThe results showed an obvious difference of present bacteria called Lactobacillus reuteri. Autistic mice had significantly lower number of these microorganisms in their stool compared to the control group. To prove their hypothesis, scientists fed these mice with water and usual food contaminated with Lactobacillus reuteri and observed closely their symptoms and behavior.

The obvious reversal in autistic symptoms was noted. It remains unclear how exactly does the gut bacteria interacts with brain functions, but the link was determined between the presence of this bacteria and the levels of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter involved with social behavior patterns.

So, the current theory that came up as a result of this research is that mother’s obesity during pregnancy causes decreased the number of Lactobacillus reuteri and somehow this further leads to decreased levels of oxytocin in the brain circulation, resulting finally in the development of autistic and autism-like symptoms.

Some quite interesting findings here have opened many questions and changed the direction of some future researches, hoping to contribute to the great puzzle of explaining the pathology of autism soon.

How to improve in MOBA’s

MOBA is a specific video game genre which started a revolution in gaming after IceFrog created DOTA for warcraft3 The Frozen Throne. DOTA was basically a scenario in Warcraft, a mode if you will, which doesn’t follow the traditional lore of Warcraft and common four races strategy. It was a single map with numerous different heroes, and it was meant to be played five versus five. Of course, all the heroes involved in DOTA were from the Warcraft lore, but it was quite different from the original game.


After the DOTA success, two highly popular games emerged – League of Legends and DOTA2.

There are many more MOBA genre games and what we’re going to talk about can be implemented in any of those games.

So, after the introduction on what MOBA is, let’s skip to the main part – How to improve in MOBA’s.

First of all, you have to realize that MOBA’s are team games. Individual skill is crucial, but in the end, it all boils down to who has better team synergy and how you play as a group.

4315494_577x326 2_0If you are a highly skilled player, but play on your own constantly, without helping your team and moving as a group, you will most likely fail anyway since the games are made so that one person cannot beat an entire group of people. With that in mind, you have to play accordingly. There are roles which clearly represent what you should do throughout the game. Don’t be selfish and try to take everything for yourself, if you are playing support, let your carry get the kills and farm if you are playing a tanky role, make sure you dive in first and take the damage instead of your team. Don’t be greedy and wait to enter the battle only after you know you can surely take the kill for yourself.

The things we’re talking about here are quite common, but many people don’t realize how important team play is.

ku-xlargeIf you want to better yourself but you don’t know how there are many guides on the internet which you can easily access. There are guides on what you need to do as a certain role, but there are also guides on what you should do with a specific hero you play. Read guides, watch videos and spam as many games as you can. Always try to implement what you saw in the guides, but also try to come up with your own ways on how to outplay or outsmart the enemy. Furthermore, bettering yourself is as important as bettering your attitude. Different people react differently to verbal abuse over the internet. There are those who need just a few words to tilt hard and react in a very negative way. In order to avoid the disintegration of your team, make sure you are always on your best behavior. Don’t fight with your teammates, don’t argue, try to resolve any matter peacefully without cursing or being sarcastic. Instead of calling somebody a noob, try to help him learn.

The way you behave in a game has almost as much impact as how good you are, so keep that in mind and stay positive.

Create Your Own Diet Food Plan

With increase in obesity due to hectic lifestyles and lack of exercise, reducing weight and promoting good health has become difficult tasks. To solve this peculiar problem, number of companies and experts are coming out with numerous diet food plans and diet foods which they claim can help in reducing weight and living healthy lives. Although most of these diet plans meet the objective that they claim to meet, there is not even a single diet plan which can meet everybody’s objective. This is because every person has different factors which are responsible for increase in weight and obesity such as social, financial, heredity, lifestyle-induced or bad habits. So, based on personal traits of a person, a diet plan needs to be devised so as to meet the specific objective of a person. The simplest way to devise a customized diet plan is to create your own diet food plan.

5_food_3Adopting food pyramid is one way of creating customized health food diet. There are number of food pyramids like vegetarian diet pyramid, Asian diet pyramid, Mediterranean diet pyramid etc. A dieter can select a diet pyramid that best meets his goal and has food diet that helps in reducing weight. Almost all these diet pyramids have some common characteristics. They all lay more emphasis on consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains meals, limiting intake of food that has high cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fat. Their diet food lists consists of limited salty and sweet snacks with less to moderate intake of alcohol. Greater emphasis is laid on smaller portion sizes thereby limiting calorie intake.

diet-to-go-sample-meal-planDevising a low fat diet is another way by which a dieter can create his own food and diet meal plan. This can be started by consuming four to six smaller meals and snacks every day. Keep sufficient stock of low fat food in order to prevent going on fast food binge. It is wiser to watch what is being consumed and ensure that the calorie intake is within recommended level. A low diet food list might include fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, fish, beans, low fat dairy products, skinless poultry and lean meats. Foods having high fat content are to be avoided along with limited sugar intake.

emails-Meal-PlansA dieter can also devise his own diet plan by gaining knowledge about different types foods groups and the calorie and nutrition contents in these foods. This will aid in deciding the group of foods to opt for while keeping the goal of weight loss in mind. A dieter can also take help of a nutritionist who can help in guiding him with regards to food groups that needs to be consumed or avoided. Another way a dieter can devise a diet for himself is by taking caloric content of a food group and then restricting the calories from that group by eating in a measured manner. All the related information is easily available online and can also be accessed by reading books on relevant topic.

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